Financial Do’s and Don’ts When You’re Preparing for Twins 

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Preparing for a new baby can feel overwhelming, but preparing for two new babies at once can be even more challenging for parents. You know that you need to take care of steps around your home and you need to take care of your health, but do you know the steps you need to take to make sure your finances are ready for your new additions? If not, don’t stress! The financial tasks you need to check off your list are less complicated than you think.

Yes, You Do Need to Sign Up for Life Insurance 

As a parent to twins, you know that raising two children comes with higher costs. So, how can you ensure those expenses are covered even if you are no longer around to do so for your twins? You can start by signing up for life insurance. Note that some life insurance companies require a health exam in order to provide parents with coverage. The purpose of these exams is to evaluate the health of applicants to help determine your premiums. If, however, you’re not keen on a health exam, that doesn’t prevent you from being eligible for a policy. There are plenty of providers who don’t require an exam and instead turn to questionnaires and sophisticated algorithms to determine premiums. The only catch is that policy prices can be costlier without an exam.

No, You Don’t Need to Pay Off Every Single Debt

When people learn they are pregnant, especially with twins, they tend to immediately think about the steps they need to take to be financially prepared for any added costs. While you may think that paying off debts should be at the top of this list, you may be better off putting those funds to other uses. In fact, some debts can actually provide you with more financial cushion for the future. For instance, a mortgage allows you to keep building equity in your home, and many times mortgage payments are far less than rental rates. So, instead of focusing your efforts on paying off all debts, aim for the ones that carry the highest rates and save the rest.

Yes, You Do Still Need to Save for Retirement 

Another financial mistake you should avoid is saving for college before you save for your own retirement. Too many parents choose college over retirement when it comes to saving for their family’s future, but that can be a serious mistake, especially for your children. The thing is, if you don’t save enough for your retirement, your loved ones will still need to find ways to pay for your care and your everyday expenses. Often, adult children end up footing the bill when their parents fail to prioritize retirement savings; plus, your children may not even want to attend college or they could end up with scholarships that will offset those tuition expenses. If you want to create the best future for your little ones, ensure that you’ll have enough for retirement.

No, You Don’t Have to Pay Full Price for Everything 

If you’re having twins, you are going to need double the gear to keep your new family safe and cared for, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay double the price. For new parents, finding savings on baby essentials can be fairly easy and can help you avoid excess expenses when it comes to stocking up on items for your twins. Start by checking around your community to see if free resources can save you some costs. You can also check local second-hand stores for deals on baby gear; honestly, there’s little advantage to buying brand new. Now, there are certain baby supplies you will want to purchase new, so try looking for discount clubs, rewards programs, and online coupons to save on those essentials.

Being financially prepared to take on twins isn’t stress-free, but it doesn’t have to be completely complicated either. So long as you take care of some basic financial planning steps, like setting up essential savings and trimming your budget, you will be more than ready for your babies!