5 thoughts on “Vaccines Work: Here are the Facts by ob3ron at imgur.com

    • Me too! The comic is not mine, but is is an excellent summary. People are so secure in their good health these days, they believe it is guaranteed – until something happens. They come up with one reason after another why the vaccines aren’t safe and when science disproves their theories they just make up more and add more people to the drug company-government-doctor conspiracy. I’m afraid it will take children dying to change their minds. Science works, even when you don’t believe in it.

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    • …and that is the whole point of the antivaxers, they want to scare people with their paranoia. I’ve seen everything to a video of a girl walking backwards who said she hadn’t been able to walk forwards since her vaccine ( I saw it for two different vaccines – it’s neurologically impossible) to a claim that we put aborted fetal tissue into the vaccines (Why? Fetuses aren’t immune to anything, and we would contaminate the vaccine – everyone would get infected). Vaccines are safe, and they prevent diseases that will kill you. Science works.


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