Hard Rain Falling? Keep Kids Occupied With Educational Online Activities

Today’s post is brought to you by Jenny Wise, creator of Special Home Educator. She wrote it to help people with rainy day activities, but I think it might be equally helpful for end-of-summer, too-hot-to-go-outside days. So, Jenny Wise’s ideas:

If you have kids stuck inside on a rainy day, you may be wondering how to keep them entertained. Watching TV and surfing social media may be their first choice, especially if they’re teens, but why not spend this time on some educational online activities instead? If you’re looking for an alternative to couch crashing for your kids on a rainy day, look no further than these fun ideas.

Unleash Their Inner Musician

Learning to play an instrument can be beneficial for young minds in a few different ways. For teens, the self-esteem boost is always welcome, and music lessons help kids of all ages with their academic skills. Kids may even learn about other cultures through the instruments they play. Work with kids to find an instrument they love by renting a few to test out. Of course, it may take some trial and error to settle on a final purchase. The clarinet or saxophone are great options for any aspiring young musician, so look into these instruments when you’re helping your kids figure out what to play.

Create Some Kitchen Science Experiments

Want to get your kids more interested in STEM subjects? STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are playing an increasingly important role in our society and the job market, so it’s smart to spark an interest in STEM, especially for teens. One of the best ways to have fun with STEM is to create some simple, hands-on experiments right in your kitchen! Grab a glass, some simple ingredients, and a sense of adventure, and make your own glass of lava. Kids can get creative with their favorite colors or even add a dash of glitter for extra fun.

Spend Time Sketching

Art is so beneficial to mental health that is used as a form of therapy in the treatment of anxiety, depression and other conditions. Give your kids a mental health break with some pencils and paper and a few online tutorials to show them the fundamentals. Have your teen sketch their favorite musician or draw some characters from their favorite movie. You can even put together some still-life scenes to really challenge their art skills.

Work Up a Sweat

If there’s a downpour outside, you need some creative ways to help them to move their muscles and stay active. Luckily, YouTube is full of workout videos specifically made for kids. You can find exercises to match any age or interest. Try to pick a video that has some up-to-date, catchy music to help teens stay interested. Or, take the pace down with some relaxing yoga. Yoga has a calming effect on the mind and can help growing bodies stay limber. Practice with your children or let them work on their poses on their own.

Bake Some Cookies

After they’ve worked up a sweat, your kids are likely to be pretty hungry, so have them get in the kitchen and work on their baking skills on those rainy days. Baking has been shown to have positive benefits for chefs of all ages, and it’s a tasty way to pass some time. Try out a few different cookie recipes or work on baking some yummy snacks such as soft pretzels. Baking also requires more science than cooking, so you can help your kids with those STEM skills as well.

Have a Film Session

You don’t want your kids to spend the entire day watching TV, but there are ways to make movietime more educational. Practice analyzing the elements of some of your favorite movies. Or, break out some classics for your teens to enjoy. Film is such an interesting art, and there are elements to learn that are enriching for any audience. This is especially entertaining if you have any drama students in your home.

When it’s raining outside, you need to find some fun, educational activities kids can do inside. The internet is a valuable resource for videos, lessons, and tutorials for rainy day — or any day — activities kids of all ages will enjoy. So don’t let a little wet weather get in the way of your kids having fun!


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